Back to work on Vivian

I picked up my knitting again recently as I had put it away for the summer. It’s hard to think about a pile of wool on your lap when it’s warm out. Especially when there is usually a cat there also. Putty has decided he is a lap cat year round now.

I joined the sleeves of Vivian only to realize, before I got the first row done luckily, that I had to rip the body back ten rows. Turns out I forgot a cable row. Ten rows is a lot on the body, but I finally got them ripped and reknit and the sleeves joined. I had hopes of having the sweater done by Christmas, but I have a feeling that isn’t going to happen. Hoping to get a picture or two soon of my progress. Here are cats instead.



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I made it to the sleeve portion of Vivian. I suspected and am now sure that I’m not going to be done with this sweater in enough time to wear it this year. Even though I wouldn’t exactly call it warm here yet; I have high hopes that it will not be sweater weather much longer. And I’m not exactly a speedy knitter.

The sleeves, of course, go much faster than the body did and I’m about halfway through the first one. I had two dye lots in my yarn and for the body I alternated every couple rows just in case they were noticeably different. The sleeves, on the other hand, I’m just doing in the dye lot I had more of. I don’t think  it shows, guess we will find out when they’re joined. At least they will both be the same. Here is the first sleeve.

First sleeve

You can’t see him in the picture, but Mr. Persistence is just out of frame waiting for the chance to “investigate” aka DESTROY ALL THE YARN! I’ve never had a cat who was so interested in my knitting. Even Putty just sniffs and tries to play with it, but is easily dissuaded and will lay on my lap quietly while I knit. Mr. Persistence has to be shooed away multiple times and then don’t even think of leaving the room with yarn and cat alone in it. It must be played with to death! He’s trouble that one.

Is that to play with????


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A little frogging and even more progress on Vivian

So here’s the problem with not paying enough attention to charts; you forget where you’re supposed to start pesky little things like decreases. Luckily, I wasn’t that far when I remembered that I was supposed to be starting those and only had to rip out about 10 rows. It was painful, but I was kind of happy about it because I was able to fix a spit splice that was really noticeable. One I hadn’t realized was that noticeable until I had already gone a few rows. So it all worked out. I’m now on the increases and am paying much more attention to the charts. Along with all my notes in the margins about which rows are cable rows, which are crossover rows, and my color-coded charts and cables. No more mistakes! Here are a couple photos of my progress on Vivian.

Vivian progress

Vivian progress

My Coin Lace Stole hasn’t seen much progress due to all my work and un-work of Vivian. I got very frustrated with my Denise needles because my yarn got stuck between the cable and the black end that had come loose. I had to undo and take part of it off the needles making me lose a stitch, then rip back and pick the pattern back up. Partially my fault as I knit so darn tight, but frustrating nonetheless. It’s a pretty pattern worked up and easy to follow.

Coin Lace

Not sure if you see all the cat hair in the photos. It ends up in all my work. Good thing they’re cute.


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New Yarn!

So as I was saying in my last post, I have new yarn! In being inspired to start knitting again, I was also inspired to order yarn for a few new projects. I have two started and a third in mind, but am being reasonable and waiting to start it.


Valley Yarns Charlemont

This is the yarn I’m waiting on using. I was thinking of making Lady Grey with it, but am still undecided.

Wisdom Yarns Saki Bamboo

I am currently knitting the Coin Lace Stole with this yarn. Nice, repetitive pattern for car rides and nights I really don’t want to concentrate on what I’m doing. It’s turning out well, but will need to be blocked to really see the drop stitch and coin lace pattern in it.

Malabrigo Chunky

This pile of squishy goodness is in the process of becoming my Vivian! It has been a dream to work with and the color is beautiful. I read lots of peoples modifications of this pattern (mainly the hood) and how they kept the charts straight. Once you get a good start on it, it seems pretty straightforward; but I’m only about six inches in. I did use colored pencils to remind me which chart goes where in the pattern as well as which size I’m looking at. I also used stitch markers for the chart areas and made notes in the margins about which rows were the cable rows since I haven’t been using the charts once I got used to the pattern. It seems to be working, and I haven’t had to tink back more than two rows once or twice.

Unfortunately, I have the impression I will not be able to wear it this winter. I should have got back in the swing of things last fall. Oh well, I will have something to look forward to when it gets colder again this fall.

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And 3 1/2 years later…

I’ve never been particularly good about keeping up with this blog, but this a record. In my defense, this is a knitting blog and since I had lost my knitting mojo, I didn’t have much to write about. Recently, I picked back up my hibernating afghan and made a little progress on it as well as making a scarf, a few cat toys and an unwelcome wig. I think I may be back on track!

In the past three years we lost our boys you may have seen grace my blog. It was sad, but we took the pet-free time to do some work on the house and my husband has discovered a love of woodworking. He’s pretty good too! Here’s the media center he made.

Yep, that’s Pawn Stars

It’s pretty nice, and being the first real project he’s made I’m pretty impressed. I’m expecting some fantastic kitchen cabinets in the near future.

He also made me a new yarn swift because I can’t find my old one. I have a feeling my mom still has it, but that’s fine because my new one is made out of walnut. Isn’t it beautiful?


It still needs another coat of poly on it but should be ready to go soon.

Speaking of poly. We are back to living with small animals again. We have two cats again, boys as usual and polydactyl. The older one has a motor on him and is my cuddle bug. He’s just so pliable and goes limp as soon as you pick him up. We shall refer to him here as Putty.

Big foot

The younger one is coming up on a year old and is not so pliable. He doesn’t purr much but will growl at you as he plays fetch, for hours and hours. He also is the smartest cat we’ve ever owned and therefore doesn’t listen to us. Doesn’t he look like trouble? He will be known as Mr. Persistence. He always gets his way, even if he has to try 500 times.


I can’t even remember what I was working on last knitting wise. I made Anastasia socks for my mother and never got a picture of the Kai Mei socks for my sister. I started on Kellswater socks for my husband and they were going along very, very slowly but turning out beautiful. Until Mr. Persistence ate through both working ends effectively making them footies instead of socks. They are on the back burner. I haven’t gotten far on my Houndstooth Vest, just a couple of inches. It’s on the back burner as well because I got new yarn!  For very selfish projects, but that’s a post for another day.

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And it only took 1 year 9 months

My Autumn Rose Pullover is finally finished after nearly 2 years! There was a time that I wasn’t sure I was ever going to finish it. And many times that I put it aside to work on other things. But I persisted and it is finally done. What do you think?

Pattern: Autumn Rose Pullover by Eunny Jang

Yarn: Knit Picks Palette (color detail on Ravelry)

Needles: US 4, 3 and 2

Mods I made are to make the sleeves longer and to raise the neckline a bit. DH said it looks “store bought” which to him is a huge compliment. And I have to admit, I enjoy the looks of amazement when I tell people I made whatever I’m wearing. Now I just need to wait until Fall to wear it.


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May Flowers

Some of the flowers blooming around my yard.


Dead Nettle

Lily of the Valley


Yellow Archangel

And my progress on my Autumn Rose Pullover. I’ve been working on this almost exclusively lately. Other than working in my yard and garden. I’ve joined the sleeves and am on the home stretch.  Maybe I’ll get it done in time to wear next winter!

I’ve frogged the Twisted socks and am now making Anastasia socks instead (Rav links). The purls on the Twisted socks were uneven when coming off the knit ribs. It probably would have blocked out but these socks are for my mom and I didn’t want to take the chance. Only the best for my mom!


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